Dear Bondage Liberation and Bondage Therapy Supporters,


I wanted to write a short "thank you" to those who actively support my work.

I more than just appreciate it - I survive off it. I thrive off it.

Your active support of my work allows me to live the life that I choose to create for myself. I am privileged to be able to travel around this world meeting the wonderfully kinky and creating art that demonstrates the beautiful power that is inherent in BDSM. Additionally, I am privileged to be able to personally play with many of you and am honored to be invited into your lives in a wonderfully close way.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a video I have put much of myself into, collaborated with me to create a custom video that satisfies your individual desires, and trusted me to be your Bondage Therapy guide! Not only do I appreciate it, I thrive off it all.

Bondage Blessings!